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My name is Lori Sala, and I create one of a kind designs in Sterling Silver, 14kt gold and pearls. I started this site as a place to showcase my work.
I've included a wide variety of the various kinds of jewelry that I make. Please feel free to look around!
I work primarily with Sterling Silver, but I also use 14kt gold, copper, brass, pearls, crystals and many precious and not so precious stones.  I do 80% of my own lapidary work on the cabochons.  I cut and polish the stones first and then make the settings to enhance the stones. All the faceted stones are purchased.

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I try to make most of the pendants with a larger style bail to accomodate heavier chains, ribbons, leather necklaces and neck wires.  Some will also accomodate small to medium Omega-style necklaces.
The rings are mostly for sizes 7 1/2 and up, but I occassionally make smaller sizes.  
I rarely make dainty pieces. Opals are the exception. Whether it's a ring, pendant, necklace or cuff, most pieces are bold and will make a statement.  I like to have fun with my jewelry and my hope is that you do, as well.

With the exception of some of the pearl necklaces, the work is primarily one of a kind.  If something sells and you missed out, sometimes I can make something very similar, but it won't be exactly the same.  The cabochon stones are always different and the Organic Cast pieces cannot be duplicated.  Everything is pretty much custom.
I hope you enjoy browsing through my jewelry.  If you would like to see other views of a piece, please email me. I will try to accomodate you.

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For purchases, email me and I will send you an invoice via paypal or I will call you back and you can use Visa or Mastercard.
Vintage piece of turquoise placed in a newly created ring.