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Beautiful green, Chinese Jade makes this large pendant one you will wear again and again. It's a nice smokey green with darker shades thoughout. The stone is 45mm x23mm and I polished it to a glossy shine. It's set in argentium sterling silver, with a solid back and a fancy bezel. The bail is small, so not to draw attention away from the jade itself. It will accomodate a chain of about 2.5mm, maybe slightly larger. The overall length of the pendant is about 2" and it is 1 " wide.  I signed the back.      
            ON SALE $59.00                
This pretty piece is made with a White Druzy Quartz. I made the setting using Argentium Sterling Silver. The copper is taken out so it stays shiny longer than regular Sterling Silver. This pendant is 2 1/4" tall overall by approx. 1" wide. It is signed and stamped for Argentium. It comes with the ribbon necklace shown or you may choose a different color.  ON SALE $63                                  

Dichroic Glass in a vibrant pink. It has very subtle stripes. The glass is wrapped in 14kt. gold fill wire. It measures 2 3/4" long and approx. 1 inch wide. A fairly large piece, sure to get noticed.
This is a beautiful, simple cuff bracelet. It is a great piece of Mexican Crazy Lace Agate that has been set in sterling silver. The background is more tan than the pendant. I titled it "Mexican Rose". It is designed for an average to large wrist and you can adjust the cuff to fit.        
                             Price Reduced $92.00
Laguna Lace Agate in sterling silver.  The stones background color, on the ring, is lighter than the bracelet, but they are a really good match. This piece is beautifully set in sterling silver and has a lot of character. The ring is a size 8.
Kind of a chartreuse green dichroic glass pendant. I used sterling filled wired and gold fill wire to wrap this piece. It's long at approx. 3", top to bottom. Great color for the spring and summer. It has shimmery blue squares against the green.
       ON Sale $37.00
Cute Unakite "spirit bears" make up these sterling silver earrings. I added peridot color Swarovski crystals for some added color. The ear wires and the headpins are sterling silver.
This is a piece of rare Hells Canyon Petrified Wood. It has a nice polish and you can see two distinct, open worm holes. Very unique pendant. It is all set in sterling silver. The pendant measures 1 7/8" from the top to bottom and it is approx. 3/4" across. 
Beautiful, flashy Tigerseye, this was cut from the same stone. I created an oval and cut it in half. Then I made the setting to fit the two stones. The setting is, of course, all sterling silver. The bail will take 6mm beads or a heavy braided cord necklace. It's big and going to get attention. And I think this piece could easily be for the guys too. Nothing frilly here.   $106.00

This is Lapis Lazuli. It is dark and rich, with tiny specs of pyrite within the matrix. The setting is all sterling silver. Just a really nice piece.          
                    Price reduced $65.00

This is a pretty little ring. It's Malachite set in sterling silver. The band is patterned, as well. The malachite has a nice striation to it with light and dark lines. The ring is a size 8.
This one is a nice Mexican Fire Agate, probably Slaughter Mountain. It has pretty good color. Set in sterling silver. Size 7 1/2
This one is a small Malachite that I cut, polished and set in sterling silver. It's a cute little pendant that has a bail that's large enough to go over a bead necklace or thicker leather.      
Just Reduced $28.00 
One of my creations is this Wart Hog Tusk Necklace. The tusks are set in Sterling Silver caps, then soldered together with a fancy leaf in the center. The chain is hand made using sterling silver wire. 
One of a kind.                      $185.00
Turquoise from the Royston mine in Nevada. This particular piece shows the veins of turquoise in the host material. I created a sterling silver setting to hold the stone and added leaves and a flower to dress it up. The pendant measures 1 1/2" long and is approx. 1" at the bottom.
This piece of Larimar is the more seafoam green variety. So, it's noticeably a different color than the pure blue shown above. Set in sterling silver, it has a hammered flat band and fancy bezel. Nice piece. Size 7 1/2.
Cool Agate Tooth. Sterling silver.
Deschutes Jasper in sterling silver. Great landscape scene that this jasper is known for.            $51.00
These are really nice 12mm round Tigerseye post earrings. I set them in sterling silver. The post and clutch are also sterling silver. Make a statement with these great earrings.                $48.00
Here we have a cute pair of Murano Glass earrings. They are set in sterling silver with sterling posts and clutch. Bring a bright color to your ear with these happy earrings.                  $69.00
Vintage, vintage, vintage! Very cool vintage inverted puffed hearts. These earrings are sterling silver clip ons. That's unusual in itself. These do show minor wear, but I have repaired them and given them a nice polish. Really a fun pair of earrings, probably from the 60's.           $45.00
This pendant is a Vintage 70's Citrine in Sterling Silver. 
I picked it up from another seller, along with the earrings shown below. This just needed a good polish. Very little wear. $36.00
These earrings are really nice. This is the other part of the Vintage set. They only needed new ear wires. I replaced them and they are ready to go. It's all done in sterling silver. The citrine stones match perfectly.
Amber in Sterling Silver. Very simple little ring. The amber stands up on the ring. The ring is a size 8 1/4.  $34.00
Blue Chalcedony is not that easy to find. This piece is natural color, too. It took a great polish. Very pretty little ring. It's a cast sterling silver ring in size 9 1/4. 
This is a nice piece of Madagascar Picture Jasper/Polychrome Jasper. There's a nice scene on this little pendant. It's all sterling silver. $62.00
This is a nice agate that has been dyed for a pretty effect. The blue reminds me of a beachy summer. The waves are rolling in. Very refreshing. Set in Sterling Silver. 
I wirewrapped this agate in 14kt goldfill wire. It's a clean agate with just a bit of druzy center. Very showy piece but not too big. Quite lovely. 
Here's another piece of Lapis Lazuli. This one is a little brighter blue. I set it in sterling silver and added a sterling starfish for an accent.  $60.00
This is a dainty little ring. It is cast sterling silver. It's a pretty little calla lily. Just right for spring. The ring is a size 6 1/2.       
This ring is made with a Vintage Marble. I cut part of it away, so it would sit flat. It has a cool swirl of light blue against the dark blue base. It's all sterling silver and the ring is a size 7 3/4.         $30.00
Rainforest Jasper. This piece shows typical greens and browns, as well as a bit of the clear windows. All done in sterling silver.                    $56.00
This necklace is made with two raku pieces made by a friend of mine. They are handmade and fired with clay that is special to this process. I chose to use the two for a very horsie theme.            $40.00
Reversible!!! Polished on both sides. This is Peanut Jasper. Really neat stone. The pendant is done with 14kt goldfill wire and brass wire at the anchor points. It measures 3" long.           $60.00