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Picasso Marble. It has a Sterling Silver cap & bail. The bail has an inside dia. of about 3.5mm. The overall length is 1 7/8" 
On Sale $12.00
Hand formed heart and horse head combination. It's soldered and then hammered for texture. I added a jumpring, so it's easy to put on most any necklace. The pendant measures 2 1/8" including the bail and it is approx. 2" across. Each one is different. The copper (1) is $12.00 and I have one left in brass for $12.00.  
Australian Ironstone set in sterling silver. Very unique pattern of a landscape. The gold part of the pattern is tigerseye. The band is offset for big knuckles. The ring is a size 8.
ON SALE $45.00
Diabase in Sterling Silver. Kind of a light greenish blue color with black and brown sprinkles. Interesting stone. It is a size 10. 
This is Modoc Jasper. It is unusual, not a stone that you see very often. It is gray and tan, with an interesting pattern. All sterling silver.                    
Another Agate 'tooth' set in a sterling silver cap and bail. Pattern on the agate goes all the way around. So, it can be worn on either side. #5         
Rainforest Jasper with an agate window in the center. Simple sterling silver setting.   $41.00
Rich, blue Lapis Lazuli with a piece of pyrite almost dead center. Neat ring with some scrollwork on the side. This ring is all set in sterling silver. The ring is a size 8 1/2. 
Fruit Jasper in sterling silver with fancy scrollwork. The ring is a size 7. $38.00
Huge Sodalite Pendant. Great dark blue color. The strange grey spots across the center are the reflection of the window behind me when taking the picture. The setting is all sterling silver and has a rose on the left side of the pendant. Very pretty and definitely a cool, statement piece.      
Donated to CA Trail Trials SCE 2021                          
This ring is done with golden Rutile Needles in Quartz. Very pretty and with a lot of glow from within this natural stone. The ring is a size 8 5/8.               $47.00
This one is a nice little piece of Kyanite. The blue is a real clean color. Very pretty. The ring is cast sterling silver. Unisex. It's a size 9 1/2.
This is a cast sterling silver pendant. I cut and polished a tiny piece of Malachite to fit the body of the bird. This reminds me of a seagull but could easily be a duck in flight. The bail is small, so needs a fine silver chain, but one thick enough to hold the silver bird.
                                               $ 28.00
Tourmalated Quartz set in sterling silver. The stone is 17 cts. Pretty ring. It's a size 7 1/2.
Unique Bumble Bee Jasper. Really cool stone from Indonesia. Known for is rich yellow colors. Pendant is 3" long. 14kt goldfill wirewrap.
Dalmation Jasper set in a Vintage sterling silver ring. The ring is a 
size 5 1/2.
This is a nice piece of natural green Jade, set in a cast sterling silver setting. The ring is a size 10 1/4.

This is a piece of Snowflake Obsidian. It is set in sterling silver. Very simple ring with a patterned bad. The ring is a size 7 3/4.
This one is a very simple pendant of Grey Moonstone. Unisex setting of sterling silver.
Recent Sales
These are Purple Turquoise infused with bronze. This is a man created stone using a couple of different techniques. They're quite attractive. I have set the stones in 14kt Gold Fill and the hooks are the same.
10 Kt White Gold Ring with 3mm ruby. Antique setting. Size 6 1/2.
Interesting piece of Petrified Wood. Definite grain pattern. Set in all Sterling Silver with Rose and leaves. I made a custom bail, as well. 
This is a beautiful piece of green Chrysocolla. Good rich color. Set is sterling silver.
Here we have block Turquoise infused with Bronze or Copper. Usually color is added too. But it makes for very striking turquoise. Set in sterling silver.
A beautiful piece of block Turquoise infused with Bronze or Copper. Stunning ring. All in sterling silver.  The twisted wire is offset with a half bead on the right. Size 8 1/8.
Fancy Paua/Abalone Shell Ring. All sterling silver. Size 8 1/2.
Really cool Bumble Bee Jasper, matched set, in sterling silver earrings. Sterling silver post and clutch. These would match wonderfully with either of the two wirewrapped Bumble Bee Jasper pendants.
​                                   $77.00
Simple cigar band style,  
Hammered Sterling Silver Ring. 
Size 9.
Rainbow Moonstone set in Sterling Silver. 
Size 8.
VintageTurquoise Pendant. I didn't cut this stone, so it could be faux. Not sure, but it's priced accordingly. 

Pretty pink Rhodocrosite in sterling silver. Rich rosy color with a nice polish. Rare stone.
Labradorite. Green, gold and some blue. Set in sterling silver.
This is an old  Vintage Turquoise
stone that was in a destroyed ring setting. The turquoise had been cracked and has an old very good, solid repair. I made a new setting and cleaned and repolished the stone to give it a new life. Setting is sterling silver.  
Here we have a lighter piece of Russian Charoite. It's light purple rather than dark purple. I wrapped the stone in 14kt goldfill wire with brass wire stations. These are always fun pieces to make.
Trade name is Peruvian Pink Opal. This one has a very pale pink center and gets richer along the edges. The ring is sterling silver and a size 9 3/4.

Huge piece of Turquoise. This one is flat topped and shows the other minerals that occur in turquoise. I left it thick and made a sterling silver setting to fit. The ring has a wide band and is a size 7 3/4.
This stone is Parrot Wing Chrysocolla. It's not common and has a lot of interesting stuff going on in the stone. I left the unusual shape and added the leaves and raindrop at the bottom. Pretty pendant.
Dendritic Opal with mostly white surface, showing only a few black dendrites. Set in sterling silver, it's a size 8 1/2
This is a bypass ring, made for those that have larger knuckles, making it hard to wear a ring. This ring is much easier to get on. It features Snowflake Obsidian and a Moonstone. Basic size is a 7 1/4, but it is slightly adjustable.