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This piece of Stone Canyon Jasper is wirewrapped with gold fill wire for a simple yet elegant look. The stone is almost 2" across at it's widest point and the overall length is 2 3/4".          $56.00
This is a Mahogany Gold Sheen Obsidian shield with a Sterling Silver cap and tube bail.  The roll of Gold sheen on this piece is really good. You can only see a glimpse of the true flash in the photo. The length is approx. 1 7/8" and the width is just over 5/8" at the widest point. It has a flat back, so it will rest nicely at the collar bone. 
This is a dainty bullet of Picasso Marble.  It has a Sterling Silver cap and tube bail. The bail has an inside diameter of about 3.5mm. The overall length is 1 7/8" with a width of just under 1/4".  
    On Sale $12.00
Sterling silver hand formed heart and horse head combination. It's soldered and then hammered for texture. I added a jumpring, so it's easy to put on most any necklace. The pendant measures 2 1/8" including the bail and it is approx. 2" across. Each one is different. The sterling silver is $18.00, the copper (1) is $12.00 and I have one left in brass for $12.00.  
This is a piece of Arizona Turquoise. I believe it to be either Sleeping Beauty or Bisbee. It has that pure blue color with a bit of matrix in the one corner. It is a highly polished triangle shape with a high top. I set it in sterling silver using a fancy gallery bezel. The ring measures 5/8" top to bottom and it is about 1/2" across the bottom. It is a size  7.    $53.00
Australian Ironstone set in sterling silver. Very unique pattern. It's a nice landscape. The gold part of the pattern is tigerseye. The ring is a size 8.
ON SALE $56.00
Very special piece of green Velvet Obsidian. Not often seen, this is a hard to find version of obsidian. Set in sterling silver with a fancy gallery wire bezel. The pendant measures approx. 1 3/8" top to bottom and 5/8" wide. Very nice pendant.
         ON SALE $56.00
Hawkseye (Blue tigerseye) Ring. Great stone with wonderful flash. It's set in sterling silver. with a fancy bezel. The ring measures 1 1/8" by 3/4". It is a size 
6 1/4.        $56.00
This is the same great Malachite. I cut and polished this stone to a high shine and set it in all sterling silver. The ring is a size 7 3/4.          $56.00

Diabase in Sterling Silver. Kind of a light greenish blue color with black and brown sprinkles. Interesting stone. It is a size 10. 
This pendant is Graveyard Point Plume Agate. I set it in sterling silver with a small piece of brass wire on the one side for accent and small beads of silver on the other.
This is Modoc Jasper. It is unusual, not a stone that you see very often. It is gray and tan, with an interesting pattern. All sterling silver.                    
I used a bright piece of Citron for this unique pendant. All in sterling silver with scrolls and silver beads. The bail is fancy too.  $49.00
Mother of Pearl shells, enhanced color, with Swarovski crystals as spacers makes up this unique necklace. The center piece is a great blister pearl, natural color. A fun piece for everyday wear.
Beautiful golden  Rutile needles in quartz. Sterling silver.   $52.00
Greenish Labradorite is the stone of choice here. And it has a tremendous flash on the face of the stone. A terrific stone. The sterling silver has been lightly antiqued. Size 8 1/2     
Another Agate 'tooth' set in a sterling silver cap and bail. Pattern on the agate goes all the way around. So, it can be worn on either side.                $20.00
This turquoise has a dark blue green color. I'm not sure which mine it comes from. I chose to set it in sterling silver with a leaf. It is a size
 8 1/2.                 $63.00
Very neat piece of Yosemite  Jasper. It has very interesting shades of blue green. And it's a decent size, too. It's pleasing to the eye and of course, it's set in sterling silver.                                 $82.00
Rainforest Jasper with an agate window. Sterling silver setting.   $56.00
This is a Tiffany Stone ring. It is an east/west design with a split shank. It is all sterling silver. The stone measures just over 5/8" across. It is a size 7 1/2. 
      ON SALE $28.00
Recent Sales
Amethyst in sterling silver. The stone is 6mm. Very dainty. $24.00
Pretty beige and white Agate. Very nice and feminine. Set in sterling silver.  $51.00
Rich, blue Lapis Lazuli with a piece of pyrite almost dead center. Neat ring with some scrollwork on the side. This ring is all set in sterling silver. The ring is a size 8 1/2. 
This ring is a bronze infused Lapis Lazuli. Quite a different look, but a very simple ring. It's very easy to wear. The setting is all sterling silver. The ring is a size 7 3/4.        $60.00
Here we have a large clear Quartz with Black Tourmaline needles within. Very cool ring. I added a leaf on the side for interest. The ring is sterling silver and is a size 8 3/4.         $92.00
This cool pendant is Montana Agate. Totally see thru and I added a very cool little Gecko. He's searching the beach for something to eat. All sterling silver and the sterling silver chain is included.   
​                                            $80.00
Very nice, clean Blue Willow Stone. I set this in sterling silver. The ring is a size 8 1/2. 
Large Labradorite with green and gold tones. I chose to wirewrap this piece with 14kt goldfill wire. It turned out great.   $79.00        
This bright pendant is Orange Calcite. It took a great polish. All sterling silver. Pretty cool pendant.                 $62.00
Fruit Jasper in sterling silver with fancy scrollwork. The ring is a size 7. $38.00
Huge Sodalite Pendant. Great dark blue color. The strange grey spots in the upper right are the reflection of the window behind me when taking the picture. The setting is all sterling silver and has a rose on the left side of the pendant. Very pretty and definitely a cool piece.        $100.00
This ring is done with golden Rutile Needles in Quartz. Very pretty and with a lot of glow from within this natural stone. The ring is a size 8 5/8.               $56.00
Arizona Turquoise. Very clean blue stone set in sterling silver. The ring is a size 9 1/8.  $72.00
Here we have a pretty Golden Druzy Quartz. This is a natural stone that has been treated for color and sparkle. Very cool. Color is more a light golden, not orange. Ring is a size 8 3/8. $61.00
This is a Rainbow Moonstone. Unfortunately, you can't see the pretty colors in this picture. But this stone has very good flash and color. It's set in sterling silver. The ring is a size 7 1/2.  $47.00
For the fans of blue, this stone is a Blue Labradorite and it has great flash. The color covers most of the surface. Very nice. The setting is all sterling silver. The ring is a size 9.  $34.00
Rare! Green Catseye Tourmaline! Very cool stone. Call about this one. You can't find these just anywhere. I used a sterling silver cast setting to show off the pretty Tourmaline, keeping it simple. The ring is a size 10. Good for the men or the ladies.  

This one is a nice little piece of Kyanite. The blue is a real clean color. Very pretty. The ring is cast sterling silver. Can be for the men or women. It's a size 9 1/2.
This is a cast sterling silver pendant. I cut and polished a tiny piece of Malachite to fit he body of the bird. This reminds me of a seagull but could easily be a duck in flight. The bail is small, so needs a fine silver chain, but thick enough to hold the silver bird.
$ 36.00
Here's another Vintage piece. These earrings were only missing their ear wires. So, I changed them to post/ball earrings. Very cool. They look like Grape Clusters. All sterling silver and heavy, too.                           $45.00
Tourmalated Quartz set in sterling silver. The stone is 17 cts. Pretty ring. 
It's a size 71/2.       $45.00    
Unique Bumble Bee Jasper. Really cool stone from Indonesia. Known for is rich yellow colors. Pendant is 3" long. 14kt goldfill wirewrap.
Montana Agate in 14kt Gold Fill wirewrap. Interesting stone. I cut this one and left the outer dendrites and pockets on it, as much as possible, polishing it, too.  
Vintage Black Onyx Slide Pendant. I rescued this cute piece, cleaned and polished 
it and now its ready to go to 
a new home.
Sterling Silver Chain drop earrings.
Purple Lepidolite in sterling silver. This is a really nice piece of lepidolite, with a pretty dusty purple color.        $76.00
Really interesting Dendritic Opal. Reminds me of the Yukon after a snow storm. Very neat pattern. Set in sterling silver.            $73.00
Simple Sterling Silver Band ring with a pretty flower pattern. The ring is a size 7.
This is another simple Sterling Silver Band ring. It has a pleasing floral pattern. I have two of this one.This ring is a size 7.  $17.00
The second ring is a size 9 3/4.      $18.00
Black Onyx in Sterling Silver. Pretty little ring, just the right size.
Size 7 1/2      $46.00