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All jewelry will be shipped Priority Mail for $8.30, in the continental United States. Some lesser expensive pendants may be shipped First Class if the buyer requests.
Insurance or International shipping are available. 
Bruneau Jasper Pendant. The stone took a great polish. This elongated oval is set in sterling silver with a beaded edge on both sides.  The top and bottom are left plain.  The bezel has a fine saw tooth edge and the back of the piece is textured.  The pendant hangs from a tube bail that will easily acommodate 5 1/2mm beads or quite a thick leather necklace. Overall length is 1 7/8" with a width of 1".     
This pendant is a piece of patterned sterling silver with a beautiful titanium treated Druzy Quartz as the center piece. It has chameleon tendencies and changes color depending on the angle.  The width of this piece is 1 1/4 inches and the length is 1 1/8 inches. The bail will accomodate approx 4mm. 
​            On Sale - $49.00
This is a beautiful Tigerseye ring. It has a great flash of gold across the entire face of the stone. I set this one in sterling silver with a fancy bezel. The shank is a unique split band. It is a size 7.
   ON SALE $ 39.00
This is a jasper/agate with great mustard brown colors. Little specs of translucent to opaque agate are interspersed throughout the stone. It took a great polish and is very shiny. This is a fairly large pendant, all set in sterling silver.       
                           ON SALE  $ 38.00
Very rich color in this nice piece of Arizona
Turquoise. I don't know which mine this came from but it has good color and bits of pyrite. The matrix appears to be a reddish brown. It does not appear to be color enhanced. It is set in sterling silver with a leaf for accent. I antiqued the setting to darken the silver a bit. The ring is a size 8.                                       $ 59.00
This is Montana Agate. It is a tooth shaped pendant. The cap and bail are sterling silver. This pendant could easily be for the guys or gals. 
                            $ 27.00
Gold Fill Textured Disc Earrings. 
The hooks are gold fill, as well.

Mysterious dark green Moss Agate with a crystal druzy center. Very different. You'll like the uniqueness of this one. Set in sterling silver.
                      $ 56.00
Sterling silver Toe ring. Open back. Approx. Size 3.               $12.00

Very different. This is Sodalite set in sterling silver. What's unique is I added a sterling Gecko to the setting. The ring is a size 8.         $49.00
Beautiful piece of Larimar, from the Dominican Republic. It took a great polish. I set it in Sterling Silver and added a nice size bail. Very pretty.
Very green Chrysocolla with cuprite and a touch of white quartz. This bottle stopper is chrome plated and has a rubber stopper.
This is a keychain/bottle opener. I used a fat round Goldstone (man-made)for the center. Lots of sparkle. It is not silver.
This one is Reversible
Rainbow Jasper, aka Apple Jasper, this pendant has a very clean red brick color with a nice beige pattern. I wrapped it with 14kt goldfill wire and used brass wire for the stations. Not a terribly big piece but definitely not small either.
Crazy Lace Agate is the stone I chose for this man's bolo tie. It's all done in sterling silver, except the part on the back that holds the strings. That piece is German silver. The tips are even sterling silver. Very unique gift for the man that wears a bolo tie.                      $62.00
Small Sodalite Ring. I set this small stone in sterling silver with a simple band. Size 7 1/2
Tiny Turquoise in sterling silver, for those that want something dainty.
​                      $24.00
Very dark Poppy Jasper set in sterling silver. In person this is a dark red oxblood color. I think it is very masculine. There's a lot of silver.
This is a really fun piece. It's called Dragon's Breath Glass. It's a translucent red glass that's full of bluish purple fire. Great visual interest. I set it in sterling silver. The ring is a size 8 1/2 and is slightly adjustable.

Terrific piece of Dendritic Quartz. I really played with this one. I created a setting using copper and sterling silver. All of it is textured. The stone has a bright, smooth shine. It is domed on the top but the bottom is pointed like a faceted stone. Really different pendant. Could be unisex but this pendant is stunning hanging on pearls, too!
      ON SALE $89.00
This stone is Gold Sheen 
Mahogany Obsidian and it has lots of fire. I love this material. It really shows sparkle nicely. Natural stone. The pendant is all sterling silver. The bail is a spinner. I guess it would give you something to play with when you are wearing this pendant.
Beautiful, soft green, almost a pistachio color. This is Lemon Citron, aka Lemon Chrysoprase. Really a beautiful stone. I cut & polished this stone and then created the setting with sterling silver.
This is another really fun pendant. It's almost a perfect bullseye in Malachite. This is a dainty one. A special piece for sure. Of course, I set the stone in sterling silver.