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Intense Dark Blue Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace. Double strand, 10mm to 13mm pearls, 14kt gold twist beads and fancy 14kt. gold clasp with white pearl. Inside strand is 18".     
                                ON SALE $275.00

Perfect for the bride are these freshwater cultured pearls in white. They are 8mm button pearls in a beautiful white with good luster. I handknotted these between each pearl and added clear aurora borealis crystals to give it some sparkle. It has a traditional 14kt white gold pearl clasp. The necklace is 19 1/2" Long.   

Freshwater Pearls, bright blue with two kinds of crystals. Very attractive and lots of fun. Not as bright as this shows it. This strand has a sterling silver toggle clasp. The necklace is 22" in length.  
​                            ON SALE $40.00

These are really nice, small Freshwater Keishi Pearls. This particular strand has really good color and luster. Scattered throughout are corrugated gold fill beads and I used a 14kt. gold fill clasp as well. These are handknotted between each pearl. The necklace is 18" long.
This is also a necklace made using Mother of Pearl beads. In this case they are supposed to mimic South Sea and Tahitian pearls. These are 12mm and have great color and shine. They are hand knotted between each "pearl". Really quite lovely. 17 3/4" in length. This set has a goldfill clasp.
Here's one that is a remake. I took it all apart and redid the necklace without some chunky pieces I had in it previously. It changed the looked considerably, for the better. 
It's a mix of faceted and smooth Amethyst beads from Zambia with sterling silver spacer beads. It has a toggle closure.
                         $73.00     ON SALE                                                
Beautiful Copper & Cream Freshwater Cultured Pearls. The necklace has a traditional 14kt. goldfill clasp and the pearls cream - approx 8mm, copper - 9 x 8mm. It is 19 1/2" in length.   
These are Mother of Pearl Beads, crushed and formed to make this size. Then, they are coated to this nice chocolate color. In this case, two shades were used. I added clear AB crystals to add a bit of sparkle. These have a sterling silver clasp.
                  ON SALE $66.00
Great Unakite necklace. Simple unakite beads and that terrific center bead. It also has sterling silver beads and a couple of crystals. Sterling silver clasp.
This is a Biwa Freshwater Pearl necklace in pretty peach tones. It has a sterling silver pearl clasp. Looks very nice on the neck.     
                          On Sale $36.00
This is a really pretty Amazonite necklace. It has a scarab bead on one side and I added sterling silver spacer beads. The necklace has a good sterling silver magnetic clasp for those with dexterity issues or those that just like 
easy on, easy off.
Here we have a combination of Oregon Blue Opal (trade name) and Moonstone. It's a bit pricey but the beads are pricey. Good looking necklaces and should be good with many skin types. This necklace has a sterling silver magnetic clasp.                             
Oregon Blue Opal bracelet. Fits average wrist. /the bracelet has three crystals and a sterling silver magnetic clasp for easy on, easy off. The clasp is fancy too.                     $36.00
Fluorite mixed bead necklace. I used faceted beads on the front part of the necklace and chunky beads towards the back. Colorful beads in a variety of shades. A fun necklace to wear.
This one is made with beautiful, smooth, dark red Garnet beads and 14kt goldfill spacer beads. It has a gold plated magnetic clasp. There are a few small crystals at the neck to make it easier to hang on to when putting the necklace on.                                               $32.00
This one is beautiful. It's natural Lapis Lazuli large beads in front and dyed Lapis beads towards the back. I used fluted 14kt Goldfill beads as spacers. It has a gold plated magnetic clasp.
$ 66.00
Another gorgeous necklace in the blue colors. This one is Sodalite. A mix of beads and sterling silver. Really attractive. It has a sterling silver magnetic clasp.